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    Initial story of Martha Moxley and how she was murdered in Greenwich, Connecticut in 1975.
    * Including: "In The News", "What's on TV"
    and "Video Clips".

  • Timeline of Events -
    Chronology of the case from 1975 to the present.

  • Photo Archives -
    Contains many family photos of Martha and her mother Dorthy as well as Tommy and Michael Skakel and others mentioned in this case.

  • Court Transcripts -
    Transcripts of Court Hearings (in Adobe PDF format)

  • State of CT Court News & Updates -
    State website where court news and updates are posted.

  • News Archives -
    Contains literally hundreds of articles on the case from newspapers all over the United States.

  • The Book Proposal -
    Portions of Michael Skakel's illeged book proposal. "Dead Man Talking".

  • The Sutton Report -
    Portions of the infamous "Sutton Report". The private detective agency who reinteviewed Tommy and Michael Skakel.

  • Crime Scene Map -
    Images of the Walsh Lane area where the murder occured.

  • Grand Jury Report TEXT-
    A copy of the Grand Jury's report and arrest recommendation.

  • Books and Reviews -
    A list of books written on the case and well as on the Kennedy and the Skakel families.

  • A Kennedy Connection? -
    A timeline showing the Kennedy's
    and Skakel's with a a chronology of unfortunate and sometimes underhanded events that appear to follow these two families.

  • Skakel Family Tree -
    Skakel family tree showing the Skakel's and the Kennedy connection.

  • Kennedy Family Tree -
    Kennedy family tree showing the Kennedy's and the Skakel connection.

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    This page.


  • Memories of Martha -
    Memories of Martha are written by several of her friends.

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    Allows you to read and sign our Guestbook. .

  • Send us a TIP -
    Details on how to send a tip on this case to authorities.

  • Scholarship Fund -
    Information on how you can donate to the Martha Moxley Memorial Scholarship Fund. Which is given to deserving students in Martha's name.

  • About this Web Site -
    Articles about the origins of this web site which appeared in the Greenwich Time and the Boston Globe newspapers.

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    Allows you to send Feedback directly to the WebMaster.

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    An Independent Message Board/Forums and Chatroom on the Martha Moxley Case courtesy of our friends at

    • NOTE:
      Mondays are specifically set aside to discuss the Moxley Case.
    This web site no longer hosts discussion groups directly.

Featured Sites

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  • Dr. Sam Sheppard -
    A very brief history on the Dr. Sam Sheppard case which was the basis for the fugitive.

  • Kim Klein Murder -
    The 1975 Greenwich Murder of Kim Klein.

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    Kevin Mcmurray's website about the 1975 terrorist bombing at La Guardia Airport

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    Our display of several Internet awards received since the site was started in September 1998.

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    The TRUE CRIMES web ring. Link to other web sites dealing with unsolved crimes.

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    Explains how to join our Mailing List. When something happens in the case or when new articles are found we send notification to all on this list.

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